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Establishment of a New Agronomic Integration Cultivation Model of Lycium barbarum L. Leading the Country in Ningxia


On December 14, the reporter learned from the "Wolfberry Series Special Machinery Observation Meeting" jointly organized by the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Forestry Department that the National Wolfberry Engineering Research Center, together with the Wolfberry Research Institute, the Ningxia University College of Machinery, Northwest Bearing Factory and other units, formed a comprehensive R&D team. After five years of tackling key problems, more than ten large-scale, intelligent and automated wolfberries were developed. Special machinery and equipment to establish a new model of integrated cultivation of Lycium barbarum agricultural machinery and agronomy leading the whole country.
According to the introduction of Lycium barbarum Engineering Research Institute of Ningxia Academy of Agricultural Sciences, more than ten special Lycium barbarum machinery and equipment developed in the first stage cover the key links of Lycium barbarum production, such as trenching and planting, Topdressing and ditching, cultivation and weeding, and have made significant innovations and breakthroughs in some key parts and functions, thus improving field management efficiency by 30% to 50%. At present, the research and development of machinery has declared 7 national invention patents and more than 10 utility model patents. The R&D team will optimize the process, improve the parameters and improve the efficiency of the developed machinery, so that it can be better applied to Lycium barbarum production.
Next, the Ningxia Academy of Agricultural Sciences will focus on the research and development of intelligent system in the application of special machinery for Lycium barbarum, especially the relevant research and development teams at home and abroad, focusing on the research and development of a series of special machinery for Lycium barbarum fruit picking machine, Lycium barbarum seedling machine, Lycium barbarum planter and so on, in order to make the special machinery cover the whole field of Lyc
Zhou Dongning, secretary and President of the Party Committee of Ningxia Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that Lycium barbarum is a traditional dominant characteristic industry in Ningxia. With the gradual expansion of industrial scale, the lack of supporting special machinery, especially the low degree of agricultural integration of Lycium barbarum, restricts the development of Lycium barbarum industry and large-scale green ecological planting of Lycium barbarum. The special equipment of Lycium barbarum developed in Ningxia has established a new model of Lycium barbarum agronomic integration cultivation, which leads the main production areas of Lycium barbarum in China. Good results have been achieved in the application of Lycium barbarum in different planting bases in Ningxia.
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